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Connected IoT News – September 2017

Dear Reader,

September has been an interesting month for M2M and IoT with a lot of focus on compliance, coverage, late network strategy changes and more surprises coming.

Local Headline News:

  • 2Degrees announce that their 2G Network will be turned off March 2018, giving M2M/IoT partners only 6 months to manage upgrade paths to 3G/4G technology. Please contact us to explore available 3G/4G connectivity options based on our experience with helping Customers in Australia migrate 2G M2M solutions to 3G/4G IoT Solutions.
  • A new Rural Connectivity Group has been announced to roll out expanded coverage in the RBI2. Better coverage for IoT for Tourism, Agribusiness and more industries in the Rural sector.  We will bring more information about coverage as the roll-out kicks off.
  • Lone Worker solution with Cellular and Satellite increasing in demand from Enterprise and Small Companies and we have great partners if you need solutions for your companies.
  • We see an increase in Regional IoT working groups and meet ups. These are great regional forums to build contacts or find IoT Distribution Partners.

Some good news for us… M2M One NZ Ltd has been selected as a top 3 finalist in the local NZ Reseller News ICT Industry Awards 2017 as Start-up Specialists. The winner will be announced on the 11th October at a black tie event, details here. Thank you all for your support and we will update you in our next month newsletter.

Announcing our new Customer Referral promotion from 1st October to end of December. Send us a qualified M2M data SIM customer referral and after getting them started to become a full customer, we will send out 5 physical SIMs free for your successful customer referral.

Please keep sending us your feedback and thank you in advance.

We love helping to simplify IoT and connecting IoT Ecosystems everywhere.

Lone Misikini (General Manager, M2M One NZ Ltd)

Connected IoT Solutions

M2M OneNZ Connected IoT SolutionsM2M One NZ’s Connected IoT Solutions leverage our combined knowledge to help companies take advantage of IoT to enact business transformation. Device integration and network deployment can be complex, so we are rolling out managed services in relation to:

  • Connectivity
  • Remote Access
  • Backup & Fail-over

With Connectivity, we assist in connecting smart machines with the internet and the applications that utilise them. Our knowledge allows us to recommend the optimal solution for your purposes.

Remote Access solutions help you avoid having to visit site for support and drastically reduce maintenance costs and optimise field equipment, but remote access can have its unique difficulties. We have a range of options for secure but easy remote access to help with remote troubleshooting and to view and control equipment on site.

Systems falling over can be devastating, resulting in lost customers and revenue. Often, Backup and Fail-over systems are crucial for mission critical solutions and to maximise up–time, so let us share our experience ensuring losses are not an inevitable part of your business.

If any of these services sound interesting are pertinent to you, contact your Account Manager.

M2M One Control Centre Tips

Today we are focused on SMS Management and Usage

There are various ways to utilize SMS with your M2M One SIM cards.

While all M2M One SIMs initially come with additional features like SMS, Voice & Roaming barred you can have these activated and added at any time.

With SMS enabled on your SIM cards, there are a few features you can benefit from in the M2M Control Centre:

  • SMS Live – In the control centre you can click on any ICCID to access additional information and features, from here navigate to the bottom and click the SMS tab. The first option here is SMS Live, which allows you to send SMS messages from the control centre at no additional cost to your devices in the field. Many of our customers use this as a low cost way to remotely configure devices in the field by sending AT Commands via SMS – SMS Live is also available through the API.
  • Message History – The second tab in SMS labelled Message History lets you view in real-time any SMS messages sent or received from that particular SIM. While you can’t see the content of the message you can see date, time, sent from and sent to information to help you diagnose any issues you may be having related to SMS on your device.
  • SMS Monitoring and Alarms – M2M One can set alerts and automation rules on services on your behalf to notify and event suspend SIM cards on high SMS usage within a month or 24 hour period. To set this up either contact your account manager or email info@m2mone.co.nz

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

M2M/IoT Global and Local Insights

Pushing computing to the edge

For a while now, centralised cloud computing has been taking over the heavy brunt of process, including into actual databases with big data. But the tide is turning and processing is starting to be pushed to the very edge, to the IoT devices we are installing.

Computing in our IoT devices cuts down the amount of data that needs transporting and ensures the data is of higher value. This also avoids the latency of having to transport data to the cloud and back, to serves often based in other countries, which significantly improves latency.

(Graphic Source: Husqvarna)

Improving IoT strategy success

As our use of IoT becomes more sophisticated, there are core strategies that enhance the success of any IoT-based project.

Firstly, paying attention to the raw data, how it streams and in what shape it arrives, will save a great deal of hassle and unnecessary variation. Optimal input data translates directly to the quality of the system and how well it performs.

Response to changes as they occur allows companies to react with timeliness, and represents the bulk of achieved savings with IoT systems. It is an important functionality that should never be overlooked, and presented in an easily understood fashion, either for automation or visual identification.

Broader analysis is a third set of functionality, where the history of the data builds up predictive modelling ability and higher value analysis. For example, finding out that a vat is flooding is crucial, but discovering why will have longer-term value.

(Graphic source: Datawatch)