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Connected IoT News – January 2018

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year All!

We hope everyone had an amazing holiday and rest and looking forward to a great 2018.

We are excited for what 2018 has in store for the innovators and early adopters of Internet of Things ecosystem solutions across Agribusiness, Security, EFTPOS, Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, and many more new IoT ecosystems.

This is the year for Low-Power Wireless-Area Networks (LPWAN) and end-to-end ecosystems to hit the market in masses, and for current 2G/3G/4G cellular only solutions to also adopt LPWAN where it makes sense. We will also see more operators supporting CAT M1 and NB IoT, which will be even more exciting as more devices become more widely available in the marketplace. We will bring you up to date information around these technologies and new connectivity options in the months to come and we will be setting up seminars to explore best fit for different IoT ecosystem solutions.

As before, we will be very active in the New Zealand IoT Alliance Group in different working groups, to help drive the New Zealand IoT opportunities with all our partners.

The refreshed Control Centre User Interface has now been in preview mode for several months and we have seen vast improvements to features and overall user experience. Please note that during February the Classic UI will be retired by the Refreshed User Interface. We will continue to bring you M2M One Control Centre Tips each month.

A new Digital Business tool that we use at M2M One NZ… Note: this is not a paid endorsement 😉

Last year we built a WhatsApp group for the team. What are some of the benefits of this WhatsApp group?

  1. On top of CRM chatter and email, Sales use it to get a quick response from Operations and Support
  2. Operations uses it to quickly communicate with Sales in the field on their actions
  3. We use it to quickly communicate how we are tracking targets versus sales
  4. We use it to share pictures and videos from the field to the wider group
  5. We also use it to discuss quick projects and keep a pulse on anything new in IoT

It’s not for everyone, but is a tool we use to help support the speed of response and interaction within our team that we wanted to share.

What a great year it is going to be, and we thank you all for your great support for us in 2018.

We love helping to simplify IoT and connecting IoT ecosystems everywhere.

Lone Misikini (General Manager, M2M One NZ Ltd)

M2M One Control Centre Tips

Control Centre 7.0 Feature – Customer Automation Rules

As we continue working with CISCO Jasper to improve the M2M Control Centre experience we want to make sure you are updated to critical features that will make managing your SIM fleet more effective.

As part of the 7.0 release of Control Centre we are pleased to announce a feature that has been requested for some time – M2M One customers now have access create and manage Automation Rules for SIM cards, which you can use to monitor and manage the use of your SIMs..

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

M2M/IoT Global and Local Insights

IoT and Technology Predictions for 2018

From defence to process redesign

The security of IoT has been increasingly in doubt, we need to shift to processes that do not depend on secure networks. Secure data protocols and other forms of authentication and authorization must pick up the load – particularly geolocation and biometrics security processes and others that designed to be transparent, security abuse can be tackled through design.

The proliferation of Blockchains in IoT

The rollout of blockchain technologies preserves transparency of assets, data, and goods move through transactions – a digital ledger that lasts through the lifetime of the object it refers to. For IoT, blockchains establish a pervasive identity for devices, which prevents a rogue device to crop up, while preserving decentralized management.

Intelligence pushed toward the edge

In hand with blockchains, and also because of blockchains, the intelligence and information processing within IoT will be pushed increasingly towards the edge.

IoT will lead climate change mitigation

The effects of climate change are becoming more severe and the pressure to address it will only grow. IoT is the means by which energy use and energy need is matched. Pervasive and system-wide waste provides opportunities within facilities, operations and product design.

AI in its infancy

Over the year, more AI will appear, but in its learning curve, it will go through a messy, novelty-based and probably humorous teething process.

5G will roll out – tentatively

Built to match current usage patterns, it allows for fast streaming of media, but also reliable connections for proliferating connected devices. The implementation is, however, complex with physical network density beyond what we currently have, which is raising calls for a joint deployment among mobile operators.

IoT will breach the home

Amazon, Google and Apple are all vying for adoption of their in-home assistants. More likely, though, IoT’s inroads into the home in 2018 is more likely to be less ostentatious, through our appliances to provide specific and limited functionality and the means for manufacturers to maintain and monitor performance.