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Spark’s Cat-M1 IoT network reaches 98% of New Zealanders

Connected IoT News – March 2019

Spark announced last month that they completed their nationwide rollout of its Internet of Things (IoT) cellular Cat-M1 network which covers 98% of New Zealand’s population.

We already have customers using the new network commercially in asset tracking and agriculture, and many customers have started pilots across other segments including Parking Sensors, Metering, Smart City infrastructure, and Lone Worker wearables.

We’re very excited about all the LTE Cat M1 devices that is entering the NZ market right now and supporting our customers with CAT-M1 connectivity. We will continue to see the availability of Cat-M1 modules, modems, and compatible devices accelerate as the life cycle of existing 2G/3G deployments are revisited and as 2G networks sunset around the world.

Cat-M1 is well suited to M2M & IoT applications and particularly low-power sensing and monitoring devices. When compared to 2G and 3G/4G, some of the main advantages of Cat-M1 are:

  • Enhanced coverage footprint
  • Reception at lower dB the traditional LTE
  • More efficient, power saving technology for extending battery life

This is great news for our customers in this space, and we are pleased to announce that M2M One NZ SIMs are 3G/4G and now CAT-M1 compatible too. We would love to work with you and support any Cat-M1 development and testing. If you are interested in starting out, please contact us for any further information and guidance with selecting the right devices for Cat-M1.

For more information and tips about Spark’s Networks and Coverage visit:

Spark Cat-M1 Coverage

Image Source: Spark

New Zealand’s first interactive 5G test Lab

Spark 5G Lab is an interactive environment dedicated to the advancement of new technology ideas, concepts and solutions. The 5G Innovation Hub lets you explore what is possible with 5G now and start thinking of future applications for your customers. Soon you will be able to test your 5G Ecosystem in this new environment. The Lab is located at the heart of Auckland’s innovation precinct, Wynyard Quarter. Please contact us if you are interested in booking a tour. 

How much data can you download in 5 seconds over 5G?

  • 10 MB over 3G
  • 75 MB over 4G
  • And a whopping 500 MB over 5G
5G Speed Comparison

* Speeds are approximate

M2M One Control Centre Tips

Each month we share tips and tricks to get the most out of the M2M Control Centre. 

Data Usage Alerts

We have continued to roll out alerts to help you manage data usage of your devices. How does it work? Individual/Capped data plans alerts are set at 90% and 100% by default. Flexible/Group Data Plan alerts are set as 200% and 500% as default settings. Who gets them? Primary Account contacts will receive these alerts by default, and we can add/remove contacts to suit your monitoring requirements. When you get one of these alerts and you want to increase data then email info@m2mone.co.nz to request  an upgrade to the next data plan. We will upgrade the SIM for you and email you back confirmation. 

Remember to label each of your SIM cards with an End Customer name – this makes it easier to identify and take action when you receive data usage emails.

Example, where End Customer is “M2MOneDemo-ID123”

Data Usage Alert Email

Search Box Shortcut

Search Box

On the SIM List page, use the search box to easily find individual or multiple SIM cards using this trick.

Using the asterisk symbol (*) before or after the search box text you enter can speed up data entry. For instance you don’t need to type a full 19 digit ICCID (e.g. 8964050000000123456), simply typing an asterisk and the last six digits (e.g. *123456) will give you the same result. The same applies to phone numbers and your End Customer fields. If you need to find multiple SIM cards, just add a comma (,) in between each number (e.g. *111111, *222222, *333333 to search all 3). It’s that simple.