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Connected News – August 2020

Dear Reader,

Thank you for all your continued support and for your input on how we can support you during the changing Covid-19 world we are all in.

We wanted to let you all know that M2M One NZ Ltd have branches in Christchurch (main SIM Hub) and Waikato that can supply SIM stock and support your M2M / IoT requirements under Level 3 and Level 2. Please email orders@m2mone.co.nz to get new SIMs and note that we now are only charging for new data plans when you activate. We are in the middle of managing this transition now to support you. We only invoice the physical SIM and activation fee (to put the SIM onto the Control Centre, ready to start) on dispatch of new SIM orders.

Work has also been ongoing to migrate as many of our customers from our data capped plans to flexible group plans that share data making it much easier to manage your SIM fleet. Please email us if you want to learn more about our flexible group plans info@m2mone.co.nz.

A quick update on the IoT Market in NZ:

  • Increase demand for remote working solution with added security and multiple users.
  • Vodafone and Spark continue the push for leadership of 5G roll outs and driving the potential new use cases for 5G NB IoT.
  • More CAT M1 and NB IoT solutions being deployed into the market using a single chip.
  • IoT is one of the growth technology segments and driving new IoT solutions with recurring revenue helps when your stuck in another lock down is driving new IoT entrepreneurs.
  • We must highlight that if you are planning mass deployment of IoT solutions that you make sure that as a minimum the devices support, 3G/4G and CAT M1 to future proof your solutions. Also explore NB IoT and LoRaWAN AS923 for small packets of data.
  • We understand that the new RB2/RCG Towers only support 3G/4G and not CAT M1 or NB IoT yet and we are lobbying hard for all operators to push RB2/RCG to support these IoT technologies and we will keep you all updated.

There is some very exciting innovation in the IoT field across a range of industries from a lot of our customers during the last couple of months and we believe that under this new Covid-19 world we need to help drive a collaborative model between our partners and customers. How do we start? If you are an Australian or Global customer of ours and you need local help in NZ let us know and maybe we have a local partner that can help you with the deployment of your project. If you are an NZ partner and you need help in Australia let us know, as we have our M2M One Australian Team with an extensive range of local partners that could help. We will be starting a few collaborative projects in the coming months and will be back with more information.

Thank you again for your continued support and be safe.

Best Regards,

M2M One NZ Team

M2M One Control Centre Tips

Did you know that M2M One NZ can offer you a one-on-one Jasper training session for your business?

If you are looking for a training session for new staff, a more detailed guide to some of the more complex features of Jasper, or even just a basic refresher, we are happy to provide a free-of-charge training session so that you can get more out of your Jasper portal. If you are interested in a session please get in touch with your account manager or the customer service team at support@m2mone.co.nz