Power your Internet of Things project with our
M2M SIM   Starter Kit 

M2M One NZ SIM Card

Rapid deployment, reliable and secure connectivity for your devices, monitoring through a single cloud-based platform. We support New Zealand businesses to succeed through smart IoT and M2M solutions, with flexible pricing that fits your needs.

$10.00 + GST

Everything you need to get started with M2M One

Spark M2M/IoT SIM Card
50MB data for one month
M2M One NZ platform access
Activation + Courier included
Experienced support team to help you get up and running

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M2M One NZ specialise in Machine to Machine and IoT solutions designed to be simple to deploy and administer and flexible to your IoT solution needs.

  • Deploy fast
  • Save on time and complexity 
  • Cloud integrated and managed
  • Expert local technical support 
  • Flexible M2M/IoT data plan services (data, SMS, limited voice)

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a scalable solution to get you started.

50MB IoT Starter Kit Terms / Things to Know

  1. Payment and order process must be completed before your IoT Starter Kit will be shipped
  2. Your IoT Starter Kit data SIM is valid from the first day of the current month until the end of the current month
  3. SIM card(s) will be deactivated automatically at the end of the calendar month after activation
  4. To keep your sim active beyond the initial calendar month, email us at info@m2mone.co.nz at any time during or after the 1 month term to Opt-In for an ongoing data plan subscription
  5. Ongoing data plan subscriptions are invoiced 1 month in advance
  6. IoT Starter Kit SIM card is configured for data only use
  7. Limit of 5 IoT Starter Kit SIMs per customer
  8. Devices must be equipped with a 3G / 4G / CAT-M1 / LTE-M capable modem that is compatible with Spark’s IoT mobile network frequencies
  9. Please refer to M2M One NZ full terms and conditions during online registration

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