Secure Remote Connectivity

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New Zealand based IoT solutions provider M2M One NZ leverage tried and tested IoT Gateways and SD-WAN services to simplify network communications between your remotely deployed devices.

Connect your PLCs, HMIs, RTUs, Controllers, CCTV cameras – or any IP device – and reach them securely via private static IPs or dedicated web addresses.

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Advantages of Secure Remote Connectivity

Ready to Connect


  • Our experienced team will build a fully integrated solution and ship it to you ready to connect.
  • Cloud Managed IoT Hardware + Networking.
  • Flexible LTE/4G Data Built-in.
  • End to End integration and support.
  • Customised to your requirements.

Save Time & Distance


  • Respond to customers faster by diagnosing systems remotely.

  • Give your customers secure remote access to onsite systems.

  • Reduce site call outs and improve your team productivity.

  • Easily deploy complex data logging systems across distributed sites.
    Managed IoT Solutions

Managed IoT Solutions



  • We simplify complex requirements with a managed service.

  • Fast deployment.

  • Saving you time and money.

  • We provide expert local technical support.

  • Deliver secure VPN access for multiple users.

Real-world Solutions we have provided to NZ Businesses.

Use Cases of Secure Remote Connectivity

Secure LAN Networking Across Multiple Sites

Client requirement summary:

  • Our customer was deploying a dedicated PLC server that needed to be able to connect and control multiple remote sites while appearing to be on the same local area network.
  • Several VPN solutions had been attempted involving hours of research and technical development without success.
  • Internal technicians and the customer needed remote access to the central PLC controller securely from several locations.
  • The corporate security policy disallowed firewall rules to be relaxed to integrate their PLC into the corporate network.

M2M One Solution:

  • M2M One technicians scoped all requirements, and confirmed details of all systems, devices and users that needed to be integrated. A network diagram was provided outlining a turn-key solution based on an SD-WAN architecture.
  • Several IoT Gateways were pre-configured to match existing local network IPs of all devices at remote sites and shipped to technicians ready to connect complete with Flexible Group data sims sitting off the corporate LAN network.
  • The on-site technicians connected the IoT Gateways to their equipment and contacted M2M One to complete the integration of the remote sites.
  • The final step was to integrate a corporate desktop computer network and the server into the SD-WAN private network.


Secure Access to EV Charging Stations

Client requirement summary:

  • Our customer needed 4G/LTE connectivity for multiple EV charging stations to communicate to their EV charging platform
  • Technicians required the ability to securely connect to all systems remotely for support and maintenance.
  • There was no time or network expertise to manage complex VPN servers and router configurations.
  • The solution needed to be cost effective and easy to deploy for future sites.


M2M One Solution:

  •  A turn-key private IPX network was allocated to provide secure remote access to company tech support teams.

  • M2M One Technical support services assisted with the set up of M2M routers and recommended configurations for rapid deployment on future sites.

  • Flexible data. All sims were set up with a managed Flexible Group of data monitored to ensure all costs are optimised from month to month.


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