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3G Network Shutdown
Don’t wait, act now.

Spark have announced the shutdown of 3G towards the end of 2025
Without action, systems you rely on to run your business may not work after this date.

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How To Effectively Manage The 3G IoT Shutdown And Transition To 4G LTE

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What types of applications are at risk?

There are many types of IoT applications impacted with 1000’s of customers affected – and more than 100,000 devices/unit nationally. These include:

3G Shutdown Checklist

When evaluating your current solution and architecture, you must consider:


Does your backend need development to work over 4G (eg Circuit Switch Data calls not supported on 4G)?


What hardware/modems are you going to choose, ports, speed, functionality?


Most antennas purchased for 3G will not be compatible for 4G.


3G and 4G coverage are different – will you applications be covered?

Power Supplies

The power and connector requirements may be different – How many devices are impacted?

Data Plan

It is likely a new SIM plan will be required for your devices. What is the best new plans for your environment?

Next steps

There are many IoT applications impacted with 1000’s of customers affected and more than 100,000 devices/unit nationally. These include:

Start a dialogue Connect with one of our #IoTexperts today, to start the process of scoping your risks, needs and opportunities. Identify needs With your current position established, taking the future perspective a detailed design which considers the possibilities for upgrading/ migrating your IoT environment can begin. Audit your devices A deep scan and inventory audit of your existing environment provides the necessary foundations to establish your current position and to plan effectively.
Set a timeline 2025 seems a long way away, but if you have to organise a truck roll to 10,000 end points to perform an upgrade, then starting early is important.

Are you prepared?

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