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Designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WIREPAS MESH & QUUPPA (AOA), ELA sensors feature ultra-low power consumption and extended battery life.

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About ELA Innovation

ELA Innovation is a leader in the development of industrial wireless sensors and beacons, based upon a wide range of long-range technologies including Bluetooth BLE, WIREPAS MESH & QUUPPA (AOA).

ELA Innovation offers a wide range of miniaturized beacons and tags featuring ultra-low power consumption (ULPW) and extended battery life that meet the requirements of numerous industrial applications.


How can you automatically count people entering a construction site? How can you localize personnel on a construction site, and know who is inside a tunnel in case of an incident? How can you protect equipment and objects? Discover our solutions dedicated to protecting peoples safety and security.

By integrating digital sensors into our active RFID solutions, ELA Innovation developed a complete line of novel RFID sensors dedicated to monitoring and tracking temperature and other physical parameters for transport, health, and agri-food sectors, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.With our innovative technology, fleet management solutions providers can track and manage all types of equipment and people in real time.

RTLS & Inventory
How to keep inventory of your goods automatically? How to localize goods and production tools in your facilities? How to localize people in buildings? Discover our active RFID marking solutions here.

Smart building & Smart cities
Would you like to know the temperature or humidity level in a specific room or green area? We go even farther, also providing you with information about staff presence, room light levels, and open/close status. You can even secure your goods thanks to our motion detectors. Data is collected and transmitted by our wireless sensors, which feature on operating lifetime of 10 years or more.

SDK & Code Examples

To facilitate the use and integration of our products and thus accelerate the time to market of your business solutions, we provide you with various software resources such as our Software Development Kit (SDK), in which you will find the elements below:

Bluetooth microservice

  • Microservice compatible with our range of BLE products.
  • Scan BLE beacons and sensors: advertising and scan response.
  • Remote raw data with the original payload as output.
  • Establish connected mode to send LED ON/OFF type commands.
  • Recover data from beacons and sensors.

Wirepas microservice

  • Microservice compatible with our Wirepas Mesh product line.
  • Scan the Wirepas Flow with raw data output according to Wirepas format: in inventory mode and RTLS and sensors localization.
  • Publish to the MQTT broker to send LED ON/OFF type commands.
  • Recover data from beacons and sensors.

Microservice Authentification

  • Allows secure access to ELA Innovation microservices.

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