Bringing the 5G IoT evolution to NZ

M2M One NZ – helping you harness the power of 5G

As New Zealand and Australia’s leading industrial IoT experts – backed by Sierra Wireless – we are proud to be at the fore of the next evolution in IoT connectivity – 5G. As 5G coverage rolls out across New Zealand, we have partnered with leading telecommunications provider Spark and brought together a comprehensive portfolio of 5G devices, data plans and SIMS to make more powerful connectivity a reality.

Whether you want to migrate or adopt 5G now or in the future, our in-house industrial IoT experts are ready to assist.

Enhanced connectivity

5G delivers higher speed, lower latency and more stable connectivity. This unlocks the ability to deliver more data at higher speeds – across more devices.
As 5G evolves, it will become the new standard for Massive and Critical IoT communications. Since 2019, when 5G was launched in New Zealand, it has evolved from consumer grade to industrial grade communication network. Key 5G features today:

  • 1 ms latency
  • 100x more capacity
  • 10-100x devices
  • 10 to 100x data rates

Applications with no boundaries

5G connections are expected to grow from 10 million at the end of 2019 to 1.8 billion by 2025. The next wave of 5G will support Ultra Reliable NR, Ultra Low Latency NR and Satellite. There is no ideal application for 5G. In fact, it has unlimited potential across many industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
    Build smart factories with AI, AR, and robotics
  • Public Safety
    Enhance real-time video, secure communications and media sharing
  • Supply Chain Management
    Expand use of IoT sensors to increase production, streamline processes, and reduce costs
  • Media
    Introduce new capabilities such as high-definition streaming and virtual reality

Let our experts guide you on your 5G journey

The upgrade path from 4G to 5G can be complex, but our in-house industrial IoT experts will help you make this transition with ease. With 10+ years in business, backed by Sierra Wireless, the breadth and depth of their knowledge is a direct benefit to our customers.

Our strengths in bringing 5G technology to NZ include:

  • Deep experience in understanding the technology, network and frequency detail behind cellular technology
  • Solutions expertise that spans every aspect of an IoT ecosystem
  • Direct access to a global portfolio of 5G hardware and devices
  • Integration expertise gained working with New Zealand business and industry

5G connectivity in partnership with Spark

M2M One NZ is a Spark Connected Mobility partner. Our unique partnership with Spark gives our customers direct access to New Zealand’s premier 5G network. With M2M One NZ, your connected devices operate on Spark’s mobile network offering the greatest reliability, performance and coverage available.

We offer:

  • 5G SIMs
    Connect your devices to Spark’s 5G mobile network. Standard, micro, embedded and industrial
  • 5G data plans
    Mobile data plans tailored for M2M and IoT devices. Individual/Capped plans and Flexible/Group
  • IP Networks
    Fully managed network connectivity with static IP, Internet Gateway, and VPN remote access
  • Control Centre
    Dedicated control centre to assist you in the management of your 5G portfolio, including billing and thresholds

Hardware to maximise 5G

Our expertise, combined with our access to a global portfolio of hardware and devices via Sierra Wireless, help us to maximise the benefits of 5G for our customers. Our 5G portfolio includes Sierra Wireless, Peplink and Robustel products.

5G hardware available to NZ customers include:

  • Peplink USB Max Adapter
  • Peplink Balance 310 5G (and 310X 5G variant)
  • Peplink BR1 Pro
  • Robustel R5020

To use 5G on Spark, devices will need to support the right network frequencies and be configured to allow Spark 5G access.