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Security and Surveillance

Monitor security and surveillance systems over wireless networks with m2m solutions that provide low cost, rapid and easy installation.

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Security and Surveillance

Cellular has long been used to connect security panels to control rooms and with the roll-out of NBN, becomes even more relevant, offering a simple reliable low cost option for connectivity over cellular (4G/3G).

Beyond this use, M2M Connectivity is providing remote connectivity for other security needs such as digital cameras, access control systems, covert tracking and the like. New LPWAN technologies are expanding use cases in security and surveillance, providing long life battery powered systems for detecting events and tracking goods.

M2M Connectivity provide a range of hardware products and solutions to the security and surveillance market, along with our Design Services team who can work with you to dimension solutions to fit your exact requirements.

Security and Surveillance applications include

Access and Mobility Control

The right access control and authentication frameworks enables companies to identify IoT devices, isolate compromised nodes, ensure the integrity of data, and authenticate users and authorize different levels of data access. 

Alarm Panel Management

Alarm management is a system for prioritizing, grouping and classifying alerts and event notifications used in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

Vehicle / Asset Tracking

The IoT can help your business track moving assets, reduce costs, and improve customer experience – The more visibility you have, the better you can manage your business.

Surveillance Cameras

Connects network-enabled cameras with other devices and systems to perform other tasks and turn security surveillance into smart safety and security management.

Worker Safety

Locate, monitor and alert workers on construction sites to provide enhanced safety for staff and better management of projects.

M2M Connectivity provide a range of hardware products and solutions to the security and surveillance market.

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