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M2M One VPN Services

IoT device security without compromise

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Making Enterprise-Grade VPN services accessible

Data breaches may be synonymous with corporate IT systems and infrastructure, but IoT devices are just as vulnerable. Without security protocols in place, data transferred across the internet from SIM-enabled devices can be compromised as easily as information shared on a public network.

M2M One’s VPN SIMs provide you with the confidence that your data is always secure. Sitting behind an enterprise-grade firewall, our M2M One VPN service provides secure backhaul from your IoT devices to your data centre or cloud service.

To get you up and running, we start by providing a detailed technical consultation where our engineers design a customised, dedicated network with a specific IP address range for your devices. After your M2M One VPN has been deployed, we will offer a regular review of your VPN usage to ensure we can cater efficiently for changes in your IoT device or traffic profile.

M2M One’s cellular Virtual Private Network (VPN) service helps companies secure and protect their IoT devices and data from breach or attack.

We offer managed VPN solutions powered by our specialist M2M SIM on New Zealand and Australia’s largest networks.

We provide Site to Site connectivity from your organisations head office or any permanent site.

Site-to-Site VPN Access

Does your app need to initiate connectivity, or remotely access your devices? M2M One’s Site to site VPN solution is a secure pipeline into your network, that enables you to securely transfer data to and from your remote wireless devices.  VPN Features: 
  • Description: Turn key network with Site to
    Site IPsec remote access
  • IP Addressing: Private Static IP
  • PDP Authentication: Simple Authentication
  • VPN Access: Yes

Lifecycle Services to deliver your VPN service

We provide a tailored service to meet your individual needs.
To do this, we employ a three-stage process so we can understand your specific network
requirements and deploy your final customised solution.


During the discovery phase, our consultants will work with you to understand your specific network requirements. As a first step, we provide a discovery workshop to:

Ensure you understand our available VPN offerings, relevant use cases, features and benefits
Document your requirements including IoT device numbers and locations, data volumes and network security requirements.
Determine the initial features of your VPN service in a detailed discovery report. This will detail your existing network environment (Current State), your specific requirements and our recommended VPN solution (Future state).


During the design phase, our engineers will define the best-fit solution to meet your requirements and develop the tools you will need to ensure a smooth and successful VPN deployment. Their detailed approach will help to reduce operational and project risk. Plus, provide you with the additional confidence you need to know you are implementing the best solution. Our VPN design service includes a detailed technical scope and a project plan/implementation timeline.


Following the completion of phase one and two, our highly skilled IoT engineers will use the detailed technical scope and project plan to efficiently build and deploy your solution. After deployment, regular review checkpoints will be scheduled to ensure your evolving VPN requirements are catered for.

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