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Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Asset Monitoring & Tracking / Indoor Location | Optimisation of the supply of tunnel boring machine segment
Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Asset Monitoring & Tracking / Indoor Location | Optimisation of the supply of tunnel boring machine segment

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On a tunnel site, the supply of switch* plays a major role in the progress and overall performance of the site. Indeed, the production and logistics of a TBM represent 30% of the problems to be dealt with on a tunnel site. If the segments, which are transported by rubber-tired trains, are not laid regularly, the TBM cannot continue to move forward and the site comes to a standstill.


To meet this challenge, Omniscient has deployed its location solution integrating ELA Innovation beacons in the T3A Tunnel of line 15 south of the Grand Paris. This 100% autonomous connected solution allows the logistics production manager to precisely locate all the trains on wheels (TSP) in real time, to know their direction of movement, their presence in the loading or unloading areas and to be alerted in case of abnormal stops.

ELA Innovation is supporting us on this tunnel project by supplying sensors and location chips. They worked on optimizing the life of their battery to enable the sensors to last several years. Once the data is collected in the field, we interpret it. ELA Innovation products are reliable, robust, waterproof and well suited to field conditions. The mobile tags with a particularly large battery (5Ah) allow us to have a location at 30s for more than 1 year. LEMAIRE Nicolas – Omniscient CEO


  • Blue PUCK ID+ Mesh1 (mobile beacons)
  •  Blue ANCHOR2 (fix beacons)
  • SolidRun Gateway
  • Platform My Omniscient3

How it works

From a technical point of view, the location solution is based on a mesh network of fixed and mobile beacons. The first, also called anchors, are installed at regular intervals (25 metres) throughout the tunnel (over 4.1 km), while the second are installed on the equipment (TSP). The mobile beacons transmit signals every 30 seconds to the various anchors, which in turn pick up all the dialogues and transmit the information to the bridge. The latter, placed at the entrance of the tunnel, will send back raw data that Omniscient’s algorithms will process and interpret.

On the My Omniscient business platform, the production/logistics manager will be able to visualize, in the form of dashboards, several items of information such as: the location of trains on tyres, their direction of movement in the tunnel or the time spent in loading and unloading zones. Alerts can also be received in the event of abnormal stops, thus avoiding delays on the site. This wireless infrastructure solution will improve the overall productivity of the construction site and ensure its monitoring in terms of safety and quality of the work.


  • Real-time tracking and tracing
  • Location accuracy (5 to 10m)
  • Wireless infrastructure, easy to deploy


  • Rapid identification of safety and quality problem
  • Improved site productivity
  • Reducing the risk of delays