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Branch Edge

Building a High Performance, Agile Branch Network

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Introducing Peplink Branch Edge

With video conferencing, VoIP calls, SaaS and the arrival of 5G becoming crucial parts to productivity, enterprise networking will need to be faster, more flexible and manageable. Peplink’s Wireless SD-WAN addresses these challenges with its unique SpeedFusion technology, creating an unbreakable connection that is super-fast and easily scalable.

What are your Challenges in Branch Edge Connectivity?

Your customers are looking for high performance/low-cost alternatives to traditional networking technologies. Give them what they want and drive your business to new heights with Peplink.

Peplink’s fast and affordable WAN bonding and Internet load balancing solutions are perfect for supplementing or replacing costly MPLS deployments and pay for themselves in just 2-4 months, on average.

What are your Challenges in Branch Edge Connectivity?

With rapidly rising bandwidth usage from SaaS and cloud services, network uptime and protecting performance at every location must be ensured.

Legacy Network Infrastructure Hampers Business Agility

Legacy services such as MPLS take months to set up and bind businesses to location-specific multi-year contracts, restricting the ability to respond to growth or deal with changes. Peplink’s SD-WAN solutions use commodity broadband and LTE to offer the same amount of bandwidth at a fraction of the cost.


Cloud-based Network Management Platform

InControl2 cloud-based endpoint management system enabling remote access to any Peplink device on your network. From a single screen, configurations can be pushed to any and all of your Peplink devices. InControl2 also generates useful reports on all aspects of your network, and can be integrated to your existing systems through API.

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Customer Stories

Upgrading to LTE for Emergency Kiosks

A producer of emergency and help kiosks for numerous transportation, retail, education, healthcare, and public access facility kiosks with multiple indoor and outdoor locations., wanted to establish new kiosk locations and create a secure network environment for users.

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Multi-Site Infrastructure in the Food Industry

A culinary solutions provider with significant presence in Western Europe and Africa, is the parent company to many prestigious local brands. They reached out to Peplink, looking to create a network infrastructure between multiple sites.

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