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Asset Monitoring and Tracking

M2M Fleet Management, Telematics and Transport solutions offer a cost effective means of managing your fleet of vehicles as well as the goods being transported in real time via a wireless network.

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Asset Monitoring and Tracking

M2M Connectivity works with many tracking customers and developers of solutions for tracking of remote and mobile assets.  Examples of things we can help track include vehicles, containers, cargo/parcels, rolling stock, mobile assets (eg pumps, generators, variable message signs), even staff.

When looking at tracking requirements some of the key considerations are:

  • Which wireless technology to use (LPWAN v cellular v satellite)
  • Power source and use (battery v external power…)
  • GPS / GNSS / LBS positioning needs
  • Condition reporting on status of the asset or goods
  • Coverage – to get information wherever the goods are
  • Mapping and support systems
  • Overall costs

Applications include

Vehicle Tracking

The biggest challenge in the logistics industry is vehicle tracking – knowing where everything is and where it’s heading. IoT vehicle tracking solutions provide advanced mobile data connectivity to resolve the problems of traditional vehicle tracking.

Container Tracking

Enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, shipping container tracking fills in the gaps where bar code scanning falls short. It can confirm your containers’ whereabouts at all times, and even give you real-time information about storage and transport conditions.

Cargo/Parcel Tracking

Take parcel tracking to the next level, with the ability to monitor everything from exact location to the condition of a package in real time.

Cold Chain and Food Tracking

Traceability of the cold chain during transport of heat-sensitive products and food is a major challenge for both economic or public health reasons.

People Tracking

People tracking, presence detection, movements tracking, and performance monitoring systems are increasingly being deployed to monitor visitation and movements.

Other Moving Assets

The IoT can help your business track moving assets, reduce costs, and improve customer experience – The more visibility you have, the better you can manage your business.

M2M Connectivity works with many tracking customers and developers of solutions for tracking of remote and mobile assets.