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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technology are driving a new wave of efficiency and productivity by putting control back in the hands of plant operators and employees.

Operational and financial benefits can be achieved through a range of applications across a variety of industries, including predictive maintenance for machinery, real-time production updates and supervisory control over assets and systems.

Applications include

Predictive Maintenance

An IoT-based predictive maintenance solution can help to predict potential damage by collecting data from ultrasonic and vibration sensors attached to the spindle.

Real-time Production Monitoring

Get real-time access to your production process data from any device. Monitor manufacturing production targets, KPIs, & downtime, securely from the cloud.

Supervisory Control

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is an industrial control system typically used for geographically dispersed assets, often scattered over large distances. It is for process control, the gathering of data in real time from remote locations in order to control equipment and conditions.

Industrial Asset Monitoring

Secure and reliable wireless connectivity can provide real-time asset location, operating parameters, environmental conditions and more to create higher quality products, enable predictive maintenance and support new business models.

Building Automation

By connecting electrical and lighting systems, environmental systems, elevators and more with wireless IoT solutions, property owners and managers can monitor and control buildings more efficiently.

Video Surveilance

Private and public organizations are increasingly relying on smart video surveillance solutions to improve public safety, streamline commutes and optimize public and retail spaces. With the ubiquitous reach of broadband LTE connectivity, they can now expand advanced IoT video solutions virtually anywhere and install and maintain them at a lower cost

Connect your machines to monitor, collect, exchange and analyse valuable data that can help reduce machine downtime, improve staff safety and give you the tools to streamline plant efficiency.

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