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M2M Connectivity offers a range of options for operators in the mining industry looking to realise the benefits of M2M communications to improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

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Mining industry operations in remote locations poses many challenges requiring the management of crew safety, maximising onsite efficiency and maintaining reliable communications.

Real-time management of mine sites, enables faster decision-making for increased efficiencies, reduced cost and enhanced security of staff.  By knowing the immediate status of assets across an entire operational area, experts can rapidly assess the situation from their own office, or deploy an onsite team to investigate should an incident occur. This boosts site productivity by reducing downtime.

OH&S is an increasingly critical priority within the mining sector as insurance premiums reflect the potential hazards encountered on mine sites and the remote surroundings. Ensuring guaranteed voice and data communications is one of the most important concerns for the operation’s management in reducing OH&S incidents.

Mining applications include

Asset utilisation

Smart use of technology and services to improve job site efficiency.

Energy Management

Collects data from all metering devices for all utility types. Makes the data available to business applications, including integrated billing, energy efficiency and sustainability reporting systems.

Predictive Maintenance

An IoT-based predictive maintenance solution can help to predict potential damage by collecting data from ultrasonic and vibration sensors and more.

Inventory & Asset Tracking

Using the data from technology-equipped machines, customers get more information and insight into their equipment and operations than ever before.

OH&S / Worker Safety

Adding satellite failover helps achieve compliance – you are now able to monitor staff and get and respond to alerts should there be an incident wherever they are.

By monitoring, collecting and analysing the information from individual pieces of mining equipment, operators are able to take actionable insights in real-time.

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