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Kerlink LoRaWAN Gateways


M2M Connectivity distribute the world leading Kerlink LoRaWAN gateways range, with all models designed for the APAC region frequency bands. Our Kerlink hardware gateways support geolocation services over LoRaWAN, and can be backhauled via ethernet, integrated cellular modems, or satellite.


So why use LoRaWAN? Here are a few reasons:


Low-Power Usage
Up to 10-20 years battery life


Up to 15 kms


Strong Security Mechanisms
at every step


Kerlink gateways have been specifically designed and priced for a variety of IoT/M2M applications such as:



Security of data is a key focus for the LoRaWAN standard and this is addressed through the use of network session keys and data encryption using AES128.


LoRaWAN can be implemented in two ways – as a private or public network.



An example of a public LoRaWAN Network is the one deployed by Spark in New Zealand.

There are a variety of backend servers customers can use to deploy the network such as:

  • Wanesy™ SPN (Small Private Network)
  • Wanesy™ Management Center
  • Actility
  • LorIoT
  • The Things Network (TTN)

At M2M Connectivity, we’re technology agnostic, and have experience with many of these servers.


LoRaWAN Base Stations


Here at M2M Connectivity we are the APAC region’s local supplier of Kerlink LoRaWAN base stations. Kerlink are globally-recognised as one of the leading companies in the IoT space.

The hardware below is designed to work with the different backend servers listed above. There are 3 main LoRaWAN base stations which cover a variety of requirements:





Kerlink Wirnet™ iFemtoCell 923 MHz




Kerlink Wirnet Station 923 MHz

Enterprise Grade


Kerlink Wirnet™ iBTS Standard 923 MHz Gateway 


Kerlink Wirnet™ iBTS Compact 923 MHz Gateway 


Document Downloads:

Kerlink Wanesy™ Device Management Document


Use Cases Downloads

Coming Soon


Contact us for more detailed advice on which gateway is the best fit for your requirements