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PIXEL Service Plan (Voice/Data)

Bring your PIXEL online with M2M One NZ

M2M One have partnered with Cirrus International and Pixel Technologies to provide a yearly on-account service for your emergency lift communications.

Order your SIM and Get Connected in a few simple steps

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the account form and we will ship you a sim for your Pixel unit
  3. Credit card payment is required to complete activation
  4. M2M One will activate your Spark M2M SIM and confirm when it is ready to connect

Terms and Conditions

  • To create a M2M One NZ Account and order a PIXEL Service Plan SIM you are required to complete our online account process with upfront credit card payment
  • The customer signing up takes ownership of the PIXEL Service Plan SIM and ongoing services with M2M One NZ
  • Payment of service in advance using automated direct debt or credit card
  • The PIXEL Service Plan SIM supports Voice and Data over the Spark 3G/4G network
  • Excess voice minutes (if required) are billed at $0.60/minute. Excess data billed at $0.30/MB.
  • Visit for full standard terms and conditions
  • All pricing $NZD excl. GST
[1] Price is for 1 SIM Card, Activation Fee, and Shipment @ $10.00 per SIM
[2] PIXEL Service Plan includes 50 MB of data and 10 voice minutes per month @ $10.00/month per SIM (billed 12 months in advance)

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