Robustel R1520 5 Ethernet, Dual-SIM Cellular VPN Router


Robustel R5120 (5G) Router

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The R1520 Global IoT router is Robustel’s latest addition to the popular R1520 series. The R1520 router from Robustel is a versatile 4G LTE router with 5 x Ethernet ports, GPS and E-mark certification for in-vehicle use. It is also ideal for Smart Cities and Retail applications.

Achieve seamless connection and intelligent administration for your company by upgrading to the Robustel R1520 Global IoT Router today. To help you with your digital transformation, take advantage of dependable 4G connection, flexible features, and cutting-edge security. The Robustel R1520 Global IoT Router can transform your IoT applications when you connect with us right away.