Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70 Gateway with Iridium SBD


M2M Connectivity offers an application to add Iridium SBD satellite connectivity to the Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70 LTE gateway.

This application extends the terrestrial connectivity offered by the MP70 with satellite communications on Iridium’s global satellite constellation. The MP70, when used in conjunction with Iridium Edge (Ede 1601) SBD modem, provides 2-way text and data satellite communications with your assets even when out of LTE coverage.

The AirLink MP70 is a compact, rugged LTE Ethernet Gateway offering multiple interfaces and integrated GPS, and with options such as Wi-Fi or additional IOs. Providing high performance connectivity over LTE/4G networks, the MP70 is ideal for use in mobile environments (AVL/tracking, field service, public safety) or fixed/portable settings (industrial, utilities, security, enterprise, point-of-sale).

The Iridium satellite network offers an ability to send small amounts of data (SBD packets) with low latency for M2M applications. M2M Connectivity’s application enables fail-over to the Iridium satellite network in situations where the MP70 leaves terrestrial cellular coverage. Using the Iridium Edge modem we can provide bi-directional messaging services between the terminal and the MP70 Gateway over satellite. While this does not mirror the full cellular data service over the MP70 router it allows critical information to continue to be sent, including GPS locations, alerts and alarms, and simple messaging such as job despatch and report services.

Key Features

  • Fail-over satellite for areas with no terrestrial coverage
  • Ability to send small amounts of data over satellite (SBD packets)
  • Low latency for M2M applications
  • Ideal for sending critical information
  • Improves field staff efficiency by keeping them in contact with office

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