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Python Runtime (PyRTE)

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About Python Runtime Environment (PyRTE)

M2M Connectivity has made Sierra Wireless’ iconic FX30 Programmable IoT Gateway available with a new Python Runtime Environment (PyRTE) – developed in Australia. In response to increasing demand for Python-based IoT data applications – FX30, powered by Python – is now ready to be deployed.

The powerful package makes it faster to roll out the FX30, and using Python, gives users access to increased functionality using Python-community modules and libraries.

Whether you are creating an IoT project, reporting to portals or interacting with sensors, actuators, and accessories, Python inherently reduces development time.

We have designed the Python Runtime Environment with ease-of-use and speed of deployment in mind. By using the FX30, powered by Python, we have created a powerful package which removes the headaches of IoT deployment for developers and engineers.

Key features and benefits of FX30, powered by Python

  • Install & play: No need to rebuild Linux or customise firmware.
  • Faster development: With virtual testing and configuration on PC – transferable to the embedded FX30.
  • Python support: Open to include new Python modules such as Modbus.
  • Easier deployment: In-built radio management for ease.
  • Integrated: Seamless Sierra Wireless Legato integration and device management.

Using PyRTE, the FX30 is now:

  • Quicker to market: Easier to test and configure using Python-based virtual environments on globally certified hardware.
  • Future proof: Simpler to expand with Python modules and libraries.
  • User friendly: Data analysists can use the same language across device and server side.
  • Easier to integrate: Access to off the shelf backend portal connectors written in Python.
  • Full-fledged gateway: Easy to bridge short range RF such as BLE, mesh, 6LoWPAN to 4G with failover to Satellite.
  • Smarter: Edge computing is possible.

Supported Products

FX30s, WP7702

Deep Dive

The Python runtime has been built to address the following:

  • Standard Python3 with most popular modules supported. User can develop on PC with familiar Python environment.
  • The runtime is wrapped as standard Legato application installer – no need to rebuild Linux or customize firmware.
  • The runtime comes with a connection manager(wrapped as a separate Legato app called connManager) which handles wireless network attachment.

Developed by our highly-skilled

software engineers with a focus

on ease of use and deployment