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Accelerate your deployment of new applications with the ideal router.
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A Tailored Solution

These ethernet routers enable remote access and communication with equipment and assets such as remote PLC’s, data loggers, and microcontrollers or PC’s.

M2M Connectivity supplies a broad range of wireless routers and adaptors for cellular connectivity as well as models for satellite and short range RF (WLAN, Bluetooth).

We offer a broad range of products to suit almost any requirements. Different products offer a range of security options and VPN functionality, features such as multiple ports, WLAN, and different temperature specifications.

M2M can support your project needs from identification of the best M2M 4G router or M2M gateway for your application, through to setting up the router configurations to your requirements, and kitting the products ready for deployment in the field.

In satellite, we offer tailored M2M ethernet routers for the Inmarsat BGAN network, as well as higher bandwidth models for commercial applications. In the short-range industrial RF market we offer highly spec’d ethernet modems working on WLAN and Bluetooth standards, including long range Bluetooth.

M2M Gateways

M2M stands for “Machine to Machine” and is technology that is specifically designed to assist us in becoming more cost effective, more energy efficient and more secure. There are a number of M2M Gateway applications. They include (but aren’t limited to):

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Retail & Commerce

An example of M2M gateway use in commerce includes selve-serve technology and digital signage which continues to become more popular and widespread.

Health & Aged Care

The ability to monitor a patient with certain illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes allows for vastly improved home-based health monitoring, which is an especially important element in a country with an aging population.

Transport & Infrastructure

Intensive labor has long been the way in 
which transport and civic and industrial infrastructure has been maintained and monitored in the past. M2M Gateway technology is a modern solution that has real cost-effective benefits to maintaining and monitoring infrastructure.

Building & Construction

M2M Gateway technology can offer vastly greater energy efficiencies as well as improved security in the building and construction industry. The technology has the potential to automate many elements of construction and building projects to assist in energy efficiency as well as implement security solutions when integrated with CCTV, card swipe/proximity systems or even more advanced systems such as fingerprint or iris scanners.

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Why M2M Connectivity?

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We specialise in IoT connectivity for Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Asset Tracking, Agriculture, Security and emergency applications.. and more.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

From hardware to solutions – we help businesses to design, deploy and manage their connectivity requirements.

Our People

Our People

We have deep engineering expertise in IoT – who ensure you have the best fit soluton for your business.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

We partner with worlds best carrier and technology vendors, to meet a broad range of industry use cases.

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