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Asset Monitoring & TrackingM2MC Software Services

Case Study – Star Track, My Fleet, Sierra Wireless & M2M Connectivity for Full Fleet Visibility

Sierra Wireless AirLink, Star Track, My Fleet and M2M Connectivity Mobile Workforce Solution Success Story. Star Track/Australia Post combined M2M Connectivity’s Design Services
UtilitiesAsset Monitoring & TrackingM2M IoT Case StudiesM2MC Software Services

Case Study – WashTec CSD/IP Solution for Robust, Secure & Reliable Connectivity.

The impending shutdown of GSM across all Australian network providers left WashTec with a large problem. Until now, the condition and status of these carwashes had been monitored via the…
Mine siteAsset Monitoring & TrackingMiningHardware ServicesSatellite Case Study

Case Study – SmartCap, Sierra Wireless and M2M Connectivity Improving On-Site Health & Safety

With mines often running 24 hours a day, one of the biggest risk factors to staff health and safety is fatigue. SmartCap, Sierra Wireless & M2M Connectivity combined to...
EGIS-Case-Study-1-image nation-wide rollout man down system and asset trackingAsset Monitoring & TrackingSecurity & Surveillance

Case Study 1 (EGIS) – Australian Company Nationwide Rollout

A multi-national company approached SEC ENG for advice in relation to implementing a Man Down system at a national level. The client still had traditional 2-way trucking radio, and...

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