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Satellite Dual Mode

Mission Critical Connectivity for Remote Workforces and Assets

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When your people or assets move in and out of cellular range, this is your solution.

Dual-mode satellite connects your staff and your IoT assets whether in cellular coverage or via satellite. This may be for staff or assets that move in and out of cellular coverage, using LTE as the primary network and a satellite network as backup. Here dual-mode LTE+satellite solution enables you to fill any gaps in your cellular coverage while providing seamless switching to satellite coverage and back again and it advantage of low cost cellular data when it is available and satellite networks when cellular connectivity is not.

For mission critical activities providing faill-over connectivity independent of the ground segment (e.g. LTE cellular or PMR or cable) provides that extra level of security to; keep your activities connected, for instance in critical utility solution management.

The Advantages of Dual Mode


Right Solutions

From small, low power, low cost 2-way satellite terminals to IP connected modems to seamlessly operate.


Efficient Transport

Ensuring the right satellite connection type is used (e.g. two way messaging or IP) and integrated with LTE to meet each customer application.


Highly Resiliant

Solutions designed to manage uncertainties in wireless networks and keep you connected all the time.



Solutions to work with your cyber security needs such as for authenticated private data access.

M2M Dual Mode Solutions for Industry

We have a range of Dual Mode Satellite solutions to support critical communications and critical connectivity for a mining, utilities, fleet, emergency services and more.


Remote & Mobile Worker Critical Connectivity Solutions

Protect and support your remote workers with Always Connected dual mode LTE + Satellite solutions. M2M Connectivity’s Dual Mode Mobile Connectivity Solutions provides transport and logistics companies as well as companies with remote field workers with continuous connectivity and visibility of your staff wherever they may be.

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“We help to keep your workforce and assets, always on. Always connected”

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Director at M2M Connectivity
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Our Expertise

We specialise in IoT connectivity for Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Asset Tracking, Agriculture, Security and emergency applications.. and more.

Our People

We have deep engineering expertise in IoT – who ensure you have the best fit soluton for your business.

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From hardware to solutions – we help businesses to design, deploy and manage their connectivity requirements.

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