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The Sensor Device for Developers
Connect any Sensor, Using any Wireless Technology, to any Cloud Platform

Waspmote is a sensor device specially oriented to developers. It can be supplied with different protocols (ZigBee, Bluetooth, 4G…) and frequencies for extended links up to 12km. It counts with an hibernate mode of 0.6uA which allows developers to save battery power when not transmitting. More than 100 sensors are already available and a complete open source IDE (API libraries + compiler) makes it  really easy to start working with the platform.

Waspmotes features:  

–  Ultra low power (0.07uA)
–  100+ Sensors available
–  8 Radio Technologies
Long range: 4G
Medium range: SIGFOX | LoRaWAN | Zigbee | 802.15.4 | WiFi
Short range: Bluetooth
–  Over the Air Programming (OTA)
–  Encryption Libraries (AES, RSA)
–  Encapsulated line available

For Waspmote documentation click here.