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Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network – BGAN – provides both simultaneous voice and data, globally

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About Inmarsat

Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network – BGAN – provides IP connectivity over satellite for fixed and mobile applications with support for high speed data along with voice. Inmarsat BGAN has tariffs specifically designed for M2M/IoT applications such as remote monitoring on mine sites and SCADA systems, and connecting vehicles leaving or outside cellular coverage. BGAN connectivity also provides an ideal failover solution for mission critical systems primarily connected over terrestrial networks such as LTE and LMR.

Inmarsat BGAN Features

BGAN satellite connectivity provides business critical communications. Key features include:

  • Reliable, global IP data designed for machine to machine and IoT connectivity for fixed and mobile assets
  • Availability of satellites and ground network exceeds 99.9%.
  • High speed IP connections over satellite so no need to change your existing systems for receiving and managing data in the cloud
  • Connects monitoring and control applications in remote, unmanned locations, giving you full visibility and management of your dispersed assets across an entire operational area
  • Connectivity still maintained even in severe weather, and is immune to failure when terrestrial or cellular communications break down in any natural or man-made disaster

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