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Home / Brand / Peplink / Powertec partners with M2M to deliver critical satellite connectivity on remote island
Home / Brand / Peplink / Powertec partners with M2M to deliver critical satellite connectivity on remote island

Case Study


A Remote Barrister





Implemented Products

In line with the growth in hybrid work, M2M Connectivity partner Powertec Wireless Technology recently implemented a satellite communication solution to keep a high-profile Melbourne barrister connected with the court system – while working from a remote island 200km off coast of Tasmania. 

Established in 1995, Powertec is a wireless technology developer and integrator servicing Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, and Pacific Islands. The company specialises in advanced telecommunications systems, including design and development. 


In the world of commercial and corporate law, barristers are required to attend in-person court proceedings. The matters discussed in these proceedings require the full attention of an attending barrister and rely on clear and open communication with court officials and clients. 

Every detail heard before a court is scrutinised and recorded, which is why until recently, video conferencing was not a widely accepted tool in court. 

Following the advent of COVID in 2020, and the need to keep courts active during the pandemic, this stance changed, and video conferencing systems began to appear in Australian courts. This shift led many legal professionals to consider hybrid work models, including remote locations. 


On a remote island two hundred kilometres off the coast of Tasmania, there are no fixed-line connections to provide internet access. Instead, residents rely on fixed-wireless connections. This infrastructure provides LTE connectivity (3G/4G), but users regularly experience dropouts and inconsistent connection speeds. 

For Powertec’s customer, who relied on video conferencing to attend court hearings, this environment posed significant challenges. This resulted in them being disconnected from live court proceedings on multiple occasions – impacting their ability to represent themselves and their clients. 


Seeking to establish a resilient internet connection to overcome this challenge, Powertec recommended the use of multiple Starlink systems – a high-speed, low-latency satellite broadband service designed for remote and rural locations. Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet. Using dual Starlink systems increased reliability and signal strength.  

Following M2M Connectivity’s recommendations, Powertec chose a Peplink Balance 30 Pro router to sit at the heart of the solution – bonding the Starlink systems. 

Peplink’s SD-WAN routers are built to ensure network speed and reliability on any wired or mobile networks. SpeedFusion technology fuses multiple WAN networks together preventing sudden network interruptions or latency spikes. 

The Peplink router was chosen due its reliability and in-built failover capability which allows it to automatically switch to an LTE connection if Starlink goes down. The LTE connection is powered by a Telstra SIM housed in the router. 

Another advantage of Peplink is its InTouch capability which allows out of band management. This gives Powertec the ability to monitor, update and address any technical issues remotely. Peplink’s bonded environment also allows VOIP traffic, including video conferencing, to be prioritised – further enhancing reliability for the customer. 


To date, the Powertec-M2M solution has delivered 100 per cent uptime for the customer at an average rate of 200 Mbps. This had made hybrid work seamless for the customer – even on one of the most remote islands off mainland Australia. 

By combining Starlink with Peplink, has created a solution which is future proof and can scale to accommodate the integration of additional devices or networks. 

Fletcher Juner, Wireless Technologist at Powertec, said: “We are pleased with the outcomes of this project, which has made remote work a reality for our customer. Working with M2M, we were able to identify the best hardware to power the solution and received essential training to ensure we can deliver ongoing support maintenance.” 

M2M is the master distributor of Peplink hardware across Australia and New Zealand. For more information, on how we can support Starlink with Peplink, please visit: 

About Powertec Wireless Technology
Powertec is a wireless technology developer and integrator servicing Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, and Pacific Islands. Specialists in advanced telecommunications systems, our team provides comprehensive consulting and engineering services for all things wireless. We manage the project lifecycle from design, development, procurement, manufacturing, through to post-production verification and maintenance.