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M2M One NZ Connected News – November 2020

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Connected News – November 2020

Dear Reader,

2020 has certainly brought its challenges & opportunities for each of us and we thank you for your continued support.

We have been lucky to work with so many amazing businesses who are continually innovating and evolving to make the most of the opportunity that IoT represents and to help us increase productivity and create new value from a more connected community.  Now that New Zealand has had its elections and slowly opening up and we move back to Level 1, we all start to look at data for local business recovery planning for the summer. We see the “Internet of Things” is delivering an abundance of data for some to help make these local business decisions and remote device control across almost every industry, from agribusiness, to security, to healthcare is another growing business opportunity.

We are now witnessing how the pandemic world will look for us and your business, and we are seeing the massive effect IoT will have on our lives. There are many new IoT connected devices being built to reduce the need for face to face human contact in a pandemic world, like reading any residential meters, reporting moisture in the room for smart buildings, supporting different business needs to staying healthy & safe and we will see more.

And what about Secure Remote Access? M2M One NZ has seen a big increase in demand for an easy way to get remote access to just about everything.  We have been working in the background on a solution in this space and are happy to share with you our new IoT Secure Remote Access Ecosystem solution. Learn more below.

Collaborative projects between international partners and local NZ partners has also increased and testing in NZ with M2M One NZ help has started with a few international partners who cannot make it to NZ, around LoRaWAN, CAT M1 and we hope to soon (Dec 2020) start NB IoT testing.

We will also be providing introductions between our international IoT customers & local NZ IoT customers to collaborate around growth local IoT projects or potential new IoT revenue streams based on all your positive feedback to try something different.

We are here to support you with IoT Secure Remote Access or Collaborative projects and its just an email to to get started.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best Regards,

M2M One NZ Team

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IoT Secure Remote Access

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We have seen an increased demand for a more manageable, capable and flexible remote access ecosystem – one that allows businesses to:

  • Easily access equipment securely from any device
  • Secure user access and control for multiple parties
  • Flexible data management support
  • Support projects deployed in distant locations or
  • To connect and monitor core infrastructure while in lockdown

Email if you have an IoT Secure Remote Access project requirement, we are more than happy to help you find a solution.

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M2M One Control Centre Tips

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Control Centre Training Sessions:

Did you know that M2M One can offer you a one-on-one training session for your business on the IoT Control Centre Platform? If you are looking for training for new staff, a more detailed run-through on some of the more complex features of Control Centre, or even just a basic refresher, we are happy to provide a free-of-charge training session so that you can get more out of the Control Centre Platform.

If you are interested in a training session please email to book a training session.