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Home / Brand / Peplink / Tutoring Camp Project

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Peplink solutions work for a variety of verticals and industries. Being easy to use with flexible management gives us an optimal lead in innovative solutions. Recently, we teamed up with an Asia-Pacific giant to deliver a practical solution that will meet the needs in the educational space. In this case, it was a tutoring camp project.

With distance learning being the only safe way to attend classes during COVID-19, a client wanted to find a network solution that can support their tutoring camp project. The client needs a stable and powerful internet connection that can manage 600 students with low latency and a high data rate. They also require multiple-machine support for hosting live Zoom classes.

CYN Communication came up with a unique solution using Peplink’s cutting-edge technology. They deployed a MAX HD4 MBX to host 40 notebooks to support the Zoom classes and offer reliable connectivity to workstations. Four built-in LTE SIMs and three 5G modems directly plugged into the WAN ports provide strong connectivity.

Students were able to attend Zoom sessions with low latency using Peplink’s solution with Bandwidth Bonding. This resulted in real-time responses, improved data rate speeds, and provided high traffic capacity. The tutoring camp had a consistent and reliable 200Mbps connection at all times.